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Founder/CEO to Share Leadership

Client scenarios have been kept anonymous. In all cases, the clients are available as references upon serious requests to seek specific insight into how we can assist you and your organization.

CEO seeks to share leadership more effectively with senior staff, and institutionalize a values-based culture for a "built to last" organization


The highly-credentialed, high powered company founder and CEO had recruited a top-flight senior team. Many joined due to the passionate vision, values and belief held by the charismatic CEO. How could he let go enough to invite and encourage full, passionate ownership by each member of the top team and other key leaders throughout the growing company, even if their interpretation of the vision was different than his?

What we did:

  • Established a customized 360-degree leadership behaviors survey system, based on the company's articulated values, and made it available for all employees, along with confidential one-on-one interpretation and action planning with a LDNA consultant
  • The Senior Team were the first to pilot the survey, and feedback was used to create individual action plans for ownership by each team member
  • Senior Team Offsite to establish real commitment to workable groundrules for interaction, decision-making, and delegating work; and then refined through practice with process observation while tackling substantive team tasks
  • Shadowed the CEO for three full days, and presented feedback with recommendations for enhanced effectiveness in reaching his leadership goals. Supported by regular coaching.
  • Acted as senior advisor on issues of organizational structure and culture
  • Established ongoing feedback mechanisms to measure progress toward goal of team leadership, and to explicitly address gaps
  • Established and facilitated company-wide "brown bag lunches" with learning topics such as: how to give and receive feedback, how to do "quick coaching", and discussing aggregate data from 360-degree values leadership survey


  • Improved employee satisfaction, loyalty, and leader effectiveness scores
  • Marked improvement in CEO's upward feedback scores - demonstrating company values
  • Increased job satisfaction and sense of fulfillment for CEO
  • Broader delegation of strategic issues and responsibility to other Senior Team Leaders
  • Increased capacity for and time dedicated by Senior Team to issues of truly strategic importance
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