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Mid-Life Shift

Client scenarios have been kept anonymous. In all cases, the clients are available as references upon serious requests to seek specific insight into how we can assist you and your organization.

A renowned consultant integrates emerging mid-life interests


A managing partner in one of the world's largest professional service firms, and the best selling business author in his country, was on sabbatical for a year in Silicon Valley. He was wrestling with how to integrate important interests - especially in developing teenagers to take a more global perspective - into his life and was contemplating leaving the firm to set up his own consultancy

What we did:

  • We met for monthly coaching sessions for a year to:
    • discuss his concerns with frankness
    • examine, learn and practice the methods of the coaching process
  • He also came to our intensive visioning workshop - Building a Vision for Yourself or Your Organization


  • Held many frank conversations with his other managing partners about his wish to include new interests
  • Developed a model of coaching relevant to his culture and client base
  • Included coaching within his current role and now leads a thriving CEO coaching practice within the firm
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