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Mission Critical Executive

Client scenarios have been kept anonymous. In all cases, the clients are available as references upon serious requests to seek specific insight into how we can assist you and your organization.

Supporting a VP when his function becomes "ultra-mission critical" to company's success or failure


A biotech company was facing an unheard-of opportunity for its small size: multiple Phase III clinical trials to run concurrently, all of which had been given "fast track" status by the FDA. Gulp! The opportunity held the risk of overwhelming the management bandwidth of the VP and management team in charge of executing clinical affairs. The stakes could not have been higher, and tensions had begun to fray critical relationships. Execution risk needed to be minimized immediately, and sustainably

What we did:

  • Set up highly specific coaching plan with defined measurement and deliverables, involving the CEO directly upfront and at key points during the process.
  • Gathered feedback for the VP from his many direct and dotted-line reports, allowing them to voice their concerns and ideas, and helping to focus the VP on narrowing his critical leverage points.
  • Trained the entire department on Situational Leadership, and coached the VP on executing that consistently in relation with his Direct Reports.
  • Shadowed the VP three days per week, serving as co-facilitator of meetings to involve staff in devising new organizational structure for executing work efficiently with flawless execution
  • Facilitated one-on-one meetings between coachee and key relationship to resolve unproductive conflict, as needed
  • Redesigned system and established clear process for one-on-one performance coaching meetings with VP and his Direct Reports, and VP with the CEO
  • Provided ongoing coaching - serving roles as feedback provider and thought partner


  • Repaired relationships for productive interactions
  • Improved time management of VP - focused on critical, high-leverage tasks
  • Increased delegation to and coaching of VP's senior staff
  • Reorganized departmental structure, with clearer roles & responsibilities, placing critical skills where needed
  • Clinical trials executed on time, with full enrollment
  • Enhanced leadership effectiveness of VP, as perceived by managers, boss, and peers throughout the organization
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