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Reorienting After Acquisition

Client scenarios have been kept anonymous. In all cases, the clients are available as references upon serious requests to seek specific insight into how we can assist you and your organization.


A leader, recruited from outside the organization, was asked to take over a product development team which had recently been "shuffled" from R&D to Operations. Team members had not been consulted, and they did not welcome the change in structure or leadership. The leader's task was to reshape the vision with group buy-in (including employees in multi-state locations), and accelerate the development schedule

What we did:

  • Coached the leader and provided analytical frameworks and tools which allowed her to think about and plan a course of action.
  • Provided a structure, process, and facilitation for the group to deal with their feelings in a constructive way, and move forward into action
  • Provided training for all group members, along with key employees in newly-interdependent functions, in Communication and Interaction Styles
  • Involved group members in taking ownership for the vision, defining their roles & responsibilities, and clarifying their own accountabilities for the project


  • Increased awareness by group members of their own tendencies in communication and interaction with others, enabling greater patience, influence and improved communication in the new matrix organization
  • Increased range of approaches by the leader and other group members to manage change and influence others in a highly fluid situation
  • Retention of key managers and technical contributors
  • Accelerated product development cycle
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