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What are the measurable or quantifiable benefits and results?

Hank Fuchs, M.D.
Vice President
Clinical Affairs,
"Benchmark survey data enables measurement over time."

Mark Schmaier
COO, Clark

"Increased market share"
"Increased enthusiasm"
"Activities in response to feedback from Branches "


Marti Haskins
Senior Director
Clinical Affairs,

"Benchmark survey data year to year - from peers you want to hear from in addition to manager and direct reports"

Therese Hymer
Corporate Council
VP Human
Resources, Clark

"Individuals and teams are communicating their action plans, and holding themselves publicly accountable"
"Follow up survey after one year will give us quantifiable measure "

Tej Sidhu

"Quantitative approach helps us set milestones for change"

Marshall Merrifield
CEO, Clark

"Quantitative measures - survey data has driven specific changes in top team activities"
"Saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in ideas that came from this work "

Ken Kelley
CEO, Founder,
"The customize 360 degree feedback instrument DNA developed is a valid measure of behaviors"
"Analysis of aggregate survey data enables top team to view how it is seen by rest of organization - what kind of example we are setting "
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