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What stands out about HOW the DNA Principals worked with you - the way they operate?

Hank Fuchs, M.D.
Vice President
Clinical Affairs,
"Very supportive, nurturing"
"Motivating, interesting, and fun "

Mark Schmaier
COO, Clark

"Draws out the truth"
"Clear, direct communication"
"Sensitive "

Marti Haskins
Senior Director
Clinical Affairs,

"Data driven"
"Tailored approach that is right for the client"
"Made me feel comfortable"

Tej Sidhu

"Quantifiable and measurable - helped us make milestones for change"
"Practical, action oriented"
"Non-judgmental "

Ken Kelley
CEO, Founder,

"Established great trust and rapport"
"Treated us with great respect"
"Extreme confidentiality"
"Insight, intuition, effective coaching"

Karen Campbell
Vice President
Marketing, Intrabiotics

"Sensitive and caring coaching style"
"Understand business context "

Susan Kuruvilla
CFO, Clark

"Methodical, structured process made it safe and non-threatening"
"Confidentiality and anonymity ensured honesty and candor"
"Data driven"
"Practical, focus on action "

Marshall Merrifield
CEO, Clark

"Quantitative, analytic format, as well as qualitative"
"Made individuals feel like they had an individual champion"
"Insightful yet non-judgmental"
"Logical, structured process"

Kent Thiry
CEO, Vivra
Text Only
"Right balance of structure and customization"
"Sincerity and intensity of listening"
"Breaking through to real issues"

Glen Younger

"Professional, unobtrusive, effective"
"Worked from "the inside out" - not from an outsider's perspective "

Therese Hymer
Corporate Council
VP Human
Resources, Clark

"Not cookie cutter - specifically designed for us and our needs"
"Very professional"
"Trusted "
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