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What was your biggest CONCERN or fear in hiring a consulting firm like this, and how did that turn out with DNA?

Therese Hymer
Corporate Council
VP Human
Resources, Clark

"Consultants will impose a cookie-cutter approach and their ideas of what's best for you"

Hank Fuchs, M.D.
Vice President
Clinical Affairs,
"Will the investment pay off?"
"Outsiders having too strong an influence in the organization. "

Marshall Merrifield
CEO, Clark

Concerns from my top team were:
"Too expensive - would the benefits be clear and worth it?"
"Consultant could have too much influence in the organization "

Marti Haskins
Senior Director
Clinical Affairs,

"Consultants want to make you dependent on them"
"Creation of a rift between "haves" who get attention from consultants, and "have nots" "

Ken Kelley
CEO, Founder,

"Was this going to be worth it in terms of cost/benefit ratio?"
"Fears it might be too personal or touchy feely "

Mark Schmaier
COO, Clark

"Time needed to educate the consultant about the business"

Kent Thiry
CEO, Vivra
Text Only
"Consultant will not get execs engaged at full level of honesty "

Tej Sidhu

"Is it worth the time and money?"


Glen Younger

"Afraid this might stir people to get excited about their potential and leave the company"
"Consultants will impose their view, and not meet us where we are "
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