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Why did you bring DNA in to work with your organization? What was the issue or opportunity you needed help with?

Kent Thiry
CEO, Vivra
Text Only
"Preparing for restructuring of company"
"Needed top team energized and focused "

Therese Hymer
Corporate Council
VP Human
Resources, Clark

"Rapid growth - Distributing leadership among a new and growing senior management team"
"Growing leaders and entrepreneurs in 12 separate branches (business units) "

Mark Schmaier
COO, Clark

"Rapid growth - the way we run the company at the new scale clearly has to be different"

Tej Sidhu

"Building a team in a start-up; integrating professional managers"
"Increase efficiency and effectiveness of communication to react quickly to change "

Ken Kelley
CEO, Founder,

"Develop leadership in the organization"
"Develop a peak performing team of top officers"
"Guide creation of our culture - to walk the talk of our Mission, Values, and Guiding Principles"

Hank Fuchs, M.D.
Vice President
Clinical Affairs,
"Rapid growth and increasing complexity in the business"
"Need to grow our competence as managers and leaders as we become large, publicly traded company "

Marshall Merrifield
CEO, Clark

"Rapid Growth"
"Sustain our values and mission based culture"
"Create more entrepreneurial leaders (replicate myself)"
"Transition founder-entrepreneur lead to shared leadership in a larger organization "
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