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Resurrecting a "Customer Service" Culture

Client scenarios have been kept anonymous. In all cases, the clients are available as references upon serious requests to seek specific insight into how we can assist you and your organization.


Feedback from the clients five largest customers came dramatically and powerfully at a "listening session" during an industry trade show: the company's prior reputation as a "service leader" had fallen by the wayside amidst complacency and increased competition

What we did:

  • We designed and facilitated in several key service locations a "Customer Service Initiative" - a customized version of our Customer Driven Planning ™ process, including the following in one and a half days.
  • Facilitating input from and interaction with a representative customer panel in the presence of every employee
  • Holding immediate, concurrent planning sessions in functional groups to respond to the customer input
  • Facilitating real-time sharing of plans, and focused requests for support, across functions groups
  • Structuring management meeting to develop a short and medium-term implementation plan which incorporates and prioritizes customer-employee input
  • Coaching service managers to lead implementation - usually involving both new structures and new leader behaviors


  • Improved customer satisfaction scores
  • Promotion of real service leaders at the local service branch level
  • Understanding from personal experience by every employee regarding the difference his/her job makes in the customer's life
  • Improved focus on top, customer-related priorities, and increased employee energy, motivation and productivity
  • Improved profitability
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