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Client Issues & Needs

Clients' needs often arise from change related to rapid growth, acquisitions, or changes in leadership. Questions we have helped our clients address include (see Case Studies for specific examples):

Leader Development

  • How do I, as CEO, encourage and enable shared leadership?

  • How do I clarify and keep attention to refining my personal vision and professional development?

Team Development

  • How does the top team achieve and maintain focus on the issues and priorities of highest strategic importance?

  • How do we get the best performance from our teams?

Culture Development

  • How do we preserve our success culture while we are growing so fast?

  • How do we ensure our mission, values, and guiding principles are truly lived in the day-to-day practice of our work?

Organizational Development

  • How should responsibilities and accountabilities be split and tracked between headquarters, branches, and departments?

  • What is the best pacing and coordination of the various individual, team, and culture development activities for maximum impact now and long term?



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