How we can help - A Map of Core Processes  
Clarity              Commitment        Accountability        Results               



Involve Strategic Action
Planning teams
By function/ department
Tactiical Action Plans
Timelines & resources
Progress review formats
Goals & Objectives by
Month/Qtr./Year 1/Year 3-5
Focused, frequent review
Customer Panels
Interview & prepare
Facilitated feedback to & discussion with employees

Departments action plan
Report out publicly
Make requests from other
Departments/ groups
Public Goals & Objectives
Management Team plan for prioritization & integration of departmental actionplans
Powerful, personal customer exposure for employees
Rapid planning cycle
  Customer satisfaction
Creating a Culture of Ownership
Organizational Culture
CEO outline new
Required Results &
case for change.
Offsite workshop with Top Team; cascade to other teams
Understand roles, action & beliefs by leaders to shift culture
Focused Feedback (peers)
90-day personal & org.
Action Plans
Periodic follow up offsites
Intense personal ownership by leaders
Accountability systems to support ongoing change

Interaction and Communication Styles

Assessment by self and others of individuals’ Styles
Understanding of own and others’ styles
Understanding how to best communicate to different styles
Commitment to colleagues to flex style in specific ways
Document commitments
Agree accountability mechanisms
Conflicts depersonalized
Common language and memorable framework
Increased comfort for productive conflict
Improved capacity for effective and efficient communication, decision-making, and problem-solving

Team Development Offsite

Team Diagnostic
Team clarify desired
outcomes & results
Team Offsite
Purpose/ Goals/ Priorities
Roles & Responsibilities
Team Guidelines
Feedback methods
Timelines & Measures
Systems for ongoing self-monitoring & correction
Team coaching
Shorter, compelling meetings
Effective decision-making and problem-solving
Shared leadership
Reduces politics

Executive Coaching
360 degree feedback
Leadership style tools
Clarify vision for results & outcomes
Action Plan
Public commitment
Coaching relationship
Involve supervisor or board
Ongoing feedback
IDP (Individual Devel. Plan)
Re-survey specific behaviors & outcomes
Powerful leadership
Living espoused values
Retention of talent
Improved performance
Improved capacity
Adaptability to change
Leadership mapping
  - Self & feedback
Leadership styles
Authentic leadership:
the inside moves
Attitude of Accountability
Detailed, focused Action Plan
Leadership as Customer Service – tracking tools
Self awareness of your leadership style, and impact
Individual development plan
Confidence to act & continue refinement

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