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  What does Leadership DNA Mean?  

The genius of leadership is inherent in every person who desires to express their talents and achieve significant results. This is true even when individuals and cultures "get in their own way." As in the genetic code of a human body, the "gene" of effective leadership lies below surface symptoms - in the way people think as well as how they act.

If mapped, tapped, and harnessed intentionally, it's power to generate extraordinary growth and results is unstoppable.

Discovering and replicating the inherent power of your Leadership DNA is our business.

"Traditional management strategy and systems can set you on the right path and carry you forward for awhile, but no enterprise will succeed over the long haul without those elements becoming part of its DNA - that is, how people think and act."
- Lou Gerstner, former CEO, IBM
"Building leadership into the genetic code of the organization is the ultimate competitive advantage."
- Jack Welch, former CEO, General Electric


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