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Kathy Fleming MA
Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach

Kathy Fleming brings over ten years of experience as a corporate coach, consultant and trainer following a successful career as a marketing manager for AT&T. She has partnered with major corporate and government clients in varied areas including high tech, manufacturing, public agencies, transportation and state and county government, with clients such as AT&T, Illinois Power/Dynegy, State of Washington, Office of Financial Management, County of San Diego, Hewlett Packard, State Farm Insurance, and Exelon Energy.

Industry Experience:

The focus of Kathy's work recently has been on coaching teams and individuals in communication and conflict resolution skills, and the major changes involved in mergers and other transitions. Her specialty is organizational development and human interaction, successfully leveraging the resources inherent in groups to analyze needs and solve business problems. Individuals whom Kathy has coached have been engaged in projects to tap into their power and visibility in their organizations, strengthen and clarify leadership skills, and incorporate 3600 feedback to develop effective teams and organizational alignment.

Kathy's particular gift is joining with leaders at all levels to move beyond limiting beliefs, to tackle their blind spots, and achieve levels of greatness previously thought impossible. She supports them to declare the future rather than predict it, take a stand, make bold promises that they do not yet know how to keep, and fulfill new realms of possibility based on their commitments. She works with leaders to transform who they are being before they can transform their organization. Through support, candor, clarity, feedback, wisdom and enthusiasm, Kathy brings her whole self to the coaching conversation. She reminds people of their greatness and supports them in designing a context of power and possibility.

Relevant Affiliations:

  • Serves on the executive Committee of the San Diego Professional Coaches' Alliance
  • Coaches a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping violence in youth
  • Member American Society of Training And Development

Education & Training:

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • MA: Humanities/English from Pacific Lutheran University,
  • MA: Applied Behavioral Science from the Leadership Institute in Seattle
  • Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), an advanced communication approach to coaching, training and consulting.
  • Certified in Myers- Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), FIRO/Element B,
    The Human Element and other assessment tools.
  • Trains in Situational Leadership and Bridges' Managing Transitions.

Personal Interest:

  • Lives with her husband and dog, Jazz in San Diego
  • Has four grown daughters...all extraordinary!
  • Has a passion for learning and growth of self and community

An interesting question she likes to ask:
What is a blind spot that you have discovered about yourself that each time you rediscover and overcome it, you have achieved breakthroughs?
Click here to see her answer



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