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Teaching Smart People How to Learn, by Chris Argyris. What made executive successful up to the point they hit a wall is not necessarily what will lead to success at the next stage. Argyris articulately unpacks "defensive reasoning" that frequently blocks needed learning by driven, successful people.

What Leaders Really Do, by John Kotter. This article makes the definitive distinction between "management" and "leadership".

What Makes a Leader?, by Daniel Goleman. Emotional Intelligence explained.

Leadership that Gets Results, by Daniel Goleman. Further research revealing the significant "contagious effect" of leaders' moods, and distinguishing benefits and pitfalls of different styles of leadership.

Primal Leadership - The Hidden Driver of Great Performance, by Daniel Goleman.

The Discipline of Teams, by Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith. A preview of their pathbreaking book - a must read for any team leader.

Building Your Company's Vision, by Collins and Porras.

Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work, by James Heskett, et. al. Research focused on the question of what is the root-cause driver of profitability more in service organizations. The answer: high employee satisfaction.

One More Time - How Do You Motivate Employees?, by Frederick Herzberg. Solid research clarifying this oft-asked question.

Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker (HBR)

Good Communication That Blocks Learning by Argyris (HBR)

The Newly Appointed Leader Dilemma, Betof & Harrison Executive Transformetrics Review 2001

The Work of Leadership, Heifetz & Laurie, HBR

Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail, Kotter, HBR

What Effective General Managers Really Do, Kotter, HBR

How the Right Measures Help Teams Excel, Meyer, HBR

The Balanced Scorecard - Measures that Drive Performance, Kaplan & Norton, HBR

Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work, Kaplan & Norton, HBR



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