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We often use movies in our trainings as "live case studies" which illustrate leadership practices. Movies allow training participants to experience and discuss the emotional impact as well as the intellectual concepts.

Below are our favorite leadership flicks - what are your favorites? Please click here to share with us!

Hoosiers One key lesson:
Team play can produce unimaginably great results - exceeding the collection of individual talent on its own
Miracle One key lesson:
Inspirational leadership does not necessarily mean being best buddies with your followers.
Ghandi One key lesson:
"Be the change you want to see."
Apollo 13 One key lesson:
Focus on what you can influence. "Let's work the problem people; let's not make things worse by guessing…"
Bridge on the River Kwai One key lesson:
Be happy in your work and you will inspire the best in others as well as yourself.
The Empire Strikes Back One key lesson:
Do or do not; there is no "try." Use the force!
Cool Hand Luke One key lesson:
"Calling it your job doesn't make it right, Boss."
Patton One key lesson:
"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington One key lesson:
"There's no place out there for graft, or greed, or lies, or compromise with human liberties."
The Godfather: Part III One key lesson:
"Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment."



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