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Strategic Planning for Action

The Strategic-Action Process ™ provides a clear roadmap for any organization to agree on broad directional strategies, and to involve employees in translating those into Goals, Departmental Objectives, and immediate priorities - with timelines and simple tracking mechanisms for accountability and efficient follow-through. LDNA consultants work with management to shape the process to conform to the client's particular needs and culture. They can work behind the scenes our visibly as facilitators, as needed. Targeted outcomes include: (a) clear, well articulated strategy and goals, (b) operational plan to execute, (c) system to maintain accountability, track progress, and make timely adjustments, and (d) understanding and buy-in by energized employees.

The Customer-Driven Planning ™ program is a one to two day process that begins with customer feedback - facilitated by a LDNA consultant to be expressed directly to all employees relevant to delivering on the enterprise's promise to customers. Brainstorming and clarification of roles & responsibilities follows immediately in functional groups of front-line employees, facilitated by enterprise managers. Functional groups share and critique each other's output in light of the expressed customer input, and make requests and commitments to internal partners required to respond to the customer. Functional groups then make plans and identify time-phased priorities for immediate implementation. This process is proven to provide: (1) an emotionally powerful experience connecting each employee's work with the meaning in the customer's life, (2) a common felt vision, and (3) practical high-impact action plans.

- [Marshall Merrifield, CEO, Clark Security Products]




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