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Workshops and Trainings

Leadership as Customer Service (modules: 4 hours to 2 days)

This workshop engages leaders in an interactive and entertaining experience to sharpen and internalize their understanding of leadership credibility, and how to diagnose the needs of their followers in different situations in order to adapt their natural leadership style. The multi-dimensional experience includes small group work, case studies, feedback, competitive games, and observation of film clips to illustrate leadership styles. This process can include a 360 feedback process on the front end to motivate a personally-focused learning agenda for this training.

- [Dr. Hank Fuchs, CEO, Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals]

Inspirational Leadership(modules: one-half to one and a half days)

This workshop draws on the domains of Knowing, Doing, and Being as critical elements of effective leadership to connect to followers' hearts and minds. The course explores Emotional Intelligence and its applications to different leadership styles and situations. The course includes skills such as effectively giving & receiving feedback, coaching, motivating, decision making, and team leadership. The unique strength of this experience is its provision of practical tools for accessing otherwise "soft skill" areas such as the power of personal authenticity in leadership.

- [Therese Hymer, VP, HR, Clark Security Products]

Interaction and Communication Styles (module 3 to 4.5 hours)

This highly interactive workshops reveals four distinct interaction styles, which helps team members understand the virtues of their own and others' styles, and how each can adapt to promote the most productive interactions among them. Dimensions covered include how best to communicate, make decisions, coach, and problem solve with individuals of different styles. In the process, team members get to know each other's strengths, "hot buttons", and preferences in a very personal, often humorous, and entertaining way. Clients consistently find the insights from this workshop to be memorable and therefore of lasting value.

High Performance Coaching for Managers

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